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Social Good: We understand, appreciate and promote wealth creation and success. We recognize the role of markets and trade’s role in our prosperity. We also know that government can prevent the abuses of capitalism, and promote long-term desirable outcomes with education, research and environmental sustainability. Government has an obligation to find solutions to poverty and homelessness. We support urban density and an efficient building permitting. We support institutional care for individuals experiencing chronic addiction and debilitating mental illness on our streets. Fund law enforcement, require sobriety for access to public services, drug court.

Agriculture: Protect and advance farming at all levels in our state. Attune governmental policy to foster family farming.

Judicial Reform: We support a state constitutional amendment for the Merit System to appoint judges — where the governor nominates candidates who are confirmed by a 60 percent majority vote of the state senate.

Transparency: We believe government can only be accountable to citizens if it is transparent. We support open government and all prudent actions that increase transparency. We reject any constructs that work to obscure the truth from citizens.

Environment: We are a party of conservation and preservation. We support the state acquiring land from willing sellers to benefit the public trust. We support restoring estuaries to aid recovery of our marine environment and resources. We support natural gas and a market-driven transition to renewable energy.

Good Government We support proportional representation at all levels of government; and as remedies with the Federal and Washington Voting Rights Acts. We support our state redistricting commission process. We stand for current state rules mandating public disclosure on electioneering and will institute this with federal elections. We oppose government censorship with favoring certain speakers in elections.

Health Care: We support a competitive, transparent healthcare market with advertised pricing. We support Credit scoring.

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